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Welcome to The Wellness Blend

Our Story

Embrace the Journey of Holistic Well-being

The Wellness Blend is more than just a herbal tea hub; it’s a culmination of 25 years of experience in women’s health, a deep understanding of the power of plants, and a commitment to holistic wellness. Our journey began with the simple ritual of a cup of herbal tea, evolving into a range of specially crafted loose-leaf herbal blends and sparkling herbal teas, each designed to meet the unique health needs of women

From our Founder

Hi I am Dona’h, founder of the Wellness Blend. What started as a creative space where I could share my experiences as a women’s health practitioner, movement specialist, tea lover and mom of boys has evolved into a wellness brand centered around a kinship community of women and includes our range of loose leaf and sparkling herbal teas.

I have a deep passion for women’s health and have had the privilege of working with women globally for over 25 years, from the USA (Boston and Vermont) to the UK, Spain and France, before returning to South Africa. During this time, I gained invaluable insights from their feedback and stories, which led me to create The Wellness Blend.

The Wellness Blend began with me specialising in pre & postnatal and blending herbal teas for my pregnant clients. Each blend was created based on their individual needs, from preparing them for labour to addressing issues such as digestion, hormonal skin breakouts, hydration, sleep and anxiety.

Our range has since grown to include our sparling herbal teas, which were created as a convenient and on-the-go alternative to our loose leaf teas, with added functional ingredients to enhance the overall benefits.

I am so excited that you are browsing out site. Pop the kettle on and enjoy learning about the healing properties of all our blends. We are so excited to be on this journey with you.

Crafted For Women by Women

Crafted For Women by Women

Meet the Founder

Meet Dona’h Rosser, the heart and soul behind The Wellness Blend. With a rich background as a women’s health practitioner, movement specialist, tea lover, and mother, Dona’h’s passion for women’s health has been the driving force behind our brand. Her global experience, from the USA to Europe and back to South Africa, has equipped her with invaluable insights, shaping The Wellness Blend into a true reflection of women’s wellness needs.

At The Wellness Blend, we believe in the synergy of nature and science. Our hand-blended teas use whole herbal parts, ensuring minimal processing and maximum quality. From aiding digestion and sleep to supporting skin health, post-pregnancy recovery, and gut health, our blends are designed to gently detox and rebalance your body and mind.

Earth’s Essence in Every Sip

Embrace the natural alchemy of The Wellness Blend. Our teas, lovingly hand-blended with whole herbs, capture the pure essence of nature.

Empowerment through Education

We aim to educate and empower women about the healing powers of herbs and botanicals, promoting a lifestyle of seasonal living and intuitive wellness.