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Wreath making workshop
16 January 2024

What a wonderful surprise to open our Christmas wreath boxes to find the most beautiful selection of seasonal Viburnum, Penny Gum, Accacia, Kol-Kol and Ivanhoe and surrounded by a sea of Blue Holly and Jubilee Crown.

Our Christmas wreath workshop was hosted at the Port Elizabeth Weylandts store in collaboration with Flowers PE.

The afternoon was spent with special friends, celebrating the beginning of the Christmas season. Sipping on Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc and allowing our inner creatives to emerge.

Nicky from Flowers PE helped each of us create a unique and beautiful Christmas wreath that smelt and looked heavenly.

“This is the season she will make beautiful and creative things that will speak to who she is and who she is called to be” Morgan Nicolas

The Christmas wreath boxes can be ordered directly from Flower PE and delivered to your door. You can follow these few easy steps and create your own wreath.

Steps to create your own Christmas Wreath

Step 1: Soak your oasis ring in water (oasis facing down in the water) and as you create each layer of your wreath cut each stem into 5 – 8cm strips.

Step 2 & 3: Using two stems of Viburnum place the cut stems vertically on the top of the oasis and horizontally on the outside of the oasis.
Step 4 & 5: Use another stem of Viburnum and place in the inner circle of the wreath. Any remaining stems can be used to fill the empty spaces.
Step 6: Repeat the steps above using your Penny Gum, Accacia and Kol-Kol.
Step 8: Add your own personal touch to your wreath with pine cones, colourfull Christmas balls or a ribbon.
Step 7: Place your Ivanhoe uniformly around the wreath

Our afternoon was welcomed by complimentary hand massages from the wellness center at Kazuko Lodge as we sipped on our delicious Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc from Springfield Estate.

Photo credits: Brad Peens Photography

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