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Hormonal health
16 February 2024

As women, our hormones influence every aspect of our lives. From our moods to how energetic we feel, they affect how we digest food, the quality of our sleep and even our day to day performance. As I am shifting through my years of perimenopause I am finding my sleep is being effected and I am having to find new ways to nourish my body and balance my hormones. Here are a few ways I am helping myself feel better daily.

Nourishing my liver

The liver is a key organ to consider when talking about hormonal health. Your liver overseas the detoxification process in your body and does this constantly throughout the day. It removes toxins, metabolic wastes, processes nutrients from the food we eat and plays an essential role in our metabolism and sex hormones.

If our liver suffers , our body can accumulate higher levels of hormones than it needs – resulting in hormonal excesses and symptoms of an imbalanced menstrual cycle.

Hydrating daily with herbal tea for their medicinal properties are more easily digested in liquid form and work well in supporting liver health. Liver-loving herbs include nettle, dandelion root, red clover and milk thistle.

I have specially blended tea’s for hormonal health using the above herbs in our NOURISH, DETOX DAY and DETOX NIGHT blends.

Movement, relaxation & stress reduction

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy life, but did you know that the type of exercise that you participate in can be tailored to your menstrual cycle and can help to boost your hormonal health?

A healthy menstrual cycle typically lasts between 28-35 days and is characterised by the ebb and flow of key hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Throughout each cycle, the types of exercise you participate in should change due to the shifts in these hormonal levels, as this impacts your energy and strength levels.

Tailoring your exercise routine to your menstrual cycle is extremely empowering as a woman and extremely beneficial to your hormones.


My sleep has definitely changed over this time and I am finding myself putting my sleep tea’s to the test! Experiencing good quality sleep is crucial for our hormones because it provides our body with essential hours of rest and recovery and allows our reproductive system to restore and renew itself each night.

Creating a nighttime routine of having a cup of herbal tea before heading to bed has been so immensely beneficial for me, I have also added a magnesium supplement to further help my sleep.

I have also been nourishing my nervous system with calming herbs like passionflower, lavendar, oatstraw and valerian that allows you to drift deeply into the REM cycle, ensuring good quality rest.

Our TRANQUIL blend has the most beautiful combination of the above herbs and botanicals.

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